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Congrats to Man Utd for being the first team since Nottingham Forest to win the Carling Cup twice in a row.

Aston Villa opened up the scoring with a James Milner penalty kick. Shortly thereafter, Michael Owen scored the equaliser. Owen’s joy was shortlived as he had to be subbed off due to a hamstring injury. That was not a problem for United as they simply trotted on Wayne Rooney to replace him. However, it’s sad to see Owen go down to an injury yet again.

Despite Villa’s pressure in the 2nd half, it was Wayne Rooney who broke the tie thanks to a spectacular cross by Valencia; Rooney showed off his heading skills once again and vaulted the ball into the top corner over the flailing arms of Brad Friedel. Villa continued to push but they could not break through.

Man Utd 2; Aston Villa 1

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Fuck you.

The End.

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Cech out 1 month

Keeping Chelsea in Cech

Chelsea will have to gamble with Hilario in net for the next month. I am not a fan of Hilario, at all. He has trouble kicking the ball. A keeper, having trouble, KICKING THE BALL, is recipe for disaster. Just when Cech was finally showing us the form that led many to believe he was the best keeper in the world, he gets dealt this blow.

Cech was stretchered off in the second half of the 1st leg against Inter Milan and scans have revealed that he suffered a torn calf muscle.

Please come back soon Petr!

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why so serious?

why so serious?

Amidst the Terry-Bridge saga, Wayne Bridge has decided it is best for him and for the team if he does not participate in the England squad. Wayne has taken his name out of consideration for the squad and has wished his team the best of luck in South Africa. England boss Fabio Capello has quite the predicament on his hands now as the left side of his defense is now vacant. Ashley Cole is out for at least 3 months and now Wayne Bridge has decided not to play, who will occupy the left side of that England defense? My guess: Stephen Warnock. Mark it down. Here is the statement released by Wayne Bridge:

I have thought long and hard about my position in the England football team in the light of the reporting and events over the last few weeks, It has always been an honour to play for England. However, after careful thought I believe my position in the squad is now untenable and potentially divisive. Sadly therefore I feel for the sake of the team and in order to avoid what will be inevitable distractions, I have decided not to put myself forward for selection. I have today informed the management of this decision. I wish the team all the very best in South Africa.

Newly appointed captain, Rio Ferdinand will miss next week’s friendly with Egypt due to a back problem that has been a source of trouble for quite some time. What was once a bright future for this England squad has slowly crumbled into ashes that they wish to forever forget.

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Good job you wanker. Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole have officially announced they will be splitting up.

Some people take things for granted. This is a perfect example of an overpaid athlete taking things in his life for granted.

Cheryl, I assure you, with me, you will be the only special one in my life.

I will love you like you have never been loved before

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Champions League action is back with 2 seemingly “blah” games. No real matchups that make you jump for joy today but hopefully we can be entertained by Barcelona. They rarely disappoint in the entertainment category and will be facing Stuttgart who see themselves in 9th place in the Bundesliga. One would think Barcelona would be able to easily handle a 9th place Bundesliga team but it might not be that cut and dry. Stuttgart are in excellent form as of late winning 4 of their last 5 matches and averaging 3 goals per game in that stretch. With the 1st leg played in Stuttgart, they need to take advantage of that and minimize the damage. They cannot afford to allow more than 1 goal to Barca because 2 away goals will most certainly end this tie before it even starts. Unfortunately, I think they will allow more than 1 goal to Barca today because I think this Barca team is just way too strong and they will overpower this Stuttgart side in every aspect of the game. Mercedez-Benz Arena in Stuttgart is about to turn into a slaughterhouse.

Prediction: Barcelona 5; Stuttgart 0

The other match of the day is Olympiacos vs Bordeaux. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to know an extensive amount of information on either of these teams so I will link you to Goal.com’s preview.

Tomorrow we have a much more entertaining slate of match ups with Chelsea vs Inter Milan headlining the day. It should be an outstanding tie between the two clubs with Jose Mourinho taking on his beloved ex-team. The other match sees CSKA Moscow take on Sevilla.

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2 red cards in 37 minutes. 3 red cards in 73 minutes.

Inter Milan were reduced to 9 men and the 1st half wasn’t even over with yet. Walter Samuel and Ivan Cordoba both picked up 2 yellow cards and saw Jose Mourinho’s men gasping for air. Inter managed to keep their composure and didn’t allow Sampdoria to take advantage of the lack of bodies they had on the pitch. In the 73rd minute, Sampdoria’s Pazzini picked up his 2nd yellow of the match and the field was a little more even now. Clearly it was more even because 4 minutes later Eto’o had a glorious opportunity to put his team ahead but Storari came up with a fabulous save. Overall, it was not a match full with action in terms of shots on goal and constant pressure on the opposing goalkeepers. However, if you’re into the whole dominatrix thing then you may have enjoyed this thoroughly.

Shots on goal:

Inter Milan- 1

Sampdoria- 3

Fouls Committed:

Inter Milan- 18

Sampdoria- 13

1 point was enough for Inter to put an 8 point cushion between them and 2nd place Roma, while the point for Sampdoria temporarily puts them in the crucual Champions League qualifying 4th place.

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5 starters did not travel with the team to Portugal for their Champions League match against Porto.

Arshavin- hamstring
Almunia- hamstring
Eduardo- hamstring
Alex Song- knee
William Gallas- back

and of course, Van Persie is still out with his injury as is Kieran Gibbs and Johan Djourou but Arsenal have been without these guys for a while so they have adjusted accordingly. Losing the aforementioned 5 players is HUGE because each and every one of those guys is an essential element to that team. Arsenal need to stay defensive minded in this 1st leg and limit the damage. A scoreless draw would be a victory for Arsenal.

Key players for Arsenal: Fabregas, Carlos Vela

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2 matches on the table. 2 more on Weds.

Real Madrid vs Lyon

The story line here: Benzema faces his old team. The first of 2 legs, this match will be played in Lyon. Real Madrid obviously have the better team on paper but this won’t be a cake walk. If Real Madrid can contain Lisandro Lopez they should be fine. As for Lyon, there is not 1 person they can focus on because Madrid have too many weapons. If they contain Ronaldo, there’s about 8 other guys that can potentially step up and make you pay.

Lyon players to watch: Lisandro, Gomis
Real Madrid players to watch: C. Ronaldo, Karim Benzema

AC Milan vs Manchester United

The story line here: David Beckham faces his old team. And guess what? His new team is gonna be responsible for knocking out his old team. I firmly believe (and yes, it’s because of my undying hatred towards ManU) that AC Milan will advance to the next round. Rooney will score, you can’t stop that but Milan will find a way to take this on aggregate.

AC Milan players to watch: Huntelaar, Borriello, Ronaldhino
Man Utd players to watch: Rooney, Valencia, Nani

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The English Premier League are contemplating the idea of having a playoff for that coveted 4th place finish that ensures a Champions League berth. As of right now, the top 4 teams in the EPL qualify for the Champions League. With hopes to shake things up a bit as it seems like the same 4 teams have been qualifying year after year (5 out of the last 6 years to be exact) the new idea will see the teams ranked 4-7 enter a playoff with the eventual winner heading to the Champions League. However, with Liverpool showing their vulnerable side and the emergence of Manchester City as well as the usual contenders Aston Villa and Tottenham, is this really necessary now? Well, of course…it means more money for the big wigs!

Whether or not this actually happens is unknown. Do you think it is a good idea?

Next on the agenda is the Italian Serie A. Before I continue you should know that the top 3 leagues in the world get to enter 4 teams into the Champions League (the top 4 teams). The top 3 leagues in the world have been the EPL, La Liga and Serie A. It’s been this way for what seems to be forever now. The top 3 leagues are chosen using statistics. This table will illustrate that for you:

Co-efficient points are earned by individual teams, with points awarded for reaching various stages of European competitions, as well as earning points for wins and draws along the way.

Italy currently leads Germany by 6.215 points. But Italy is about to lose nearly half that advantage, as the 2004-05 season’s tally (when Italy earned 3.429 more points than Germany) will disappear next year, to be replaced by the results from this 2009-10 season. Therefore, if Germany teams outperform Italian teams in 2009-10 by a co-efficient points total of more than 2.786, then Germany will take four Champions League places for the 2011-12 season, and Italy will be reduced to three.

This could be big news for German football and disaster for what seems to be a dying Italian Serie A. However, it really shouldn’t be dying because matches are as exciting as ever.

Special thanks to: theoffside.com

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