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The Russian striker had barely seen any playing time since making his move to Tottenham from Spartak Moscow and he let his frustration be known. Roman complained about not getting first-team football and went on to whine about Harry refusing to sell him when an offer from Lokomotiv Moscow came knocking. Roman’s complaining worked in the sense that it got him some playing time. He came on as a substitute in the 73rd minute against Wigan and scored 2 goals to help his side breeze to a 3-0 victory. That performance earned Pavlyuchenko a start against Bolton in their FA Cup replay and Roman showed Harry why he should of started him long ago. Once again, Roman scored 2 goals and Tottenham went on to win 4-0. Four days later, Roman saw himself in the starting line up once again, this time he only managed 1 goal but it was enough to get his team a 2-1 victory over Everton. The following week against Fulham in the FA Cup Roman was in the starting line up but neither team was able to find the back of the net and for the first time since his hissy fit Roman failed to score. Most recently against Blackburn, Roman found his scoring touch and put not 1 but 2 goals in the back of the net leading his team to a 3-1 victory.

Roman Pavlyuchenko has scored 7 goals in 5 matches and has given Harry Redknapp’s side a real opportunity to grab that Champions League 4th spot.

Editors note: this may be the final post of the month as I will be taking a vacation starting Monday.  See you in April.

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Last week Bendtner had a terrible game against Burnley where he missed about 10 clear chances to score but put each and every one of them wide of the target.

He made up for those misses in the Champions League against Porto where he scored a hat trick. Albeit probably the easiest hat trick anyone will ever score (2 tap ins and 1 penalty kick). After that display many people went overboard calling him the best striker to ever wear an Arsenal uniform and some even began drawing comparisons to Thierry Henry. (GTFO idiots)

Brace yourselves for some more idiotic garbage spewing out of Arsenal fans and English tabloids alike as Bendtner has kept Arsenal’s hopes of winning the league title in check as he scored a 92nd minute goal against Hull to give Arsenal a 2-1 victory. However, there was nothing special about this goal. Once again, Bendtner was at the right spot at the right time as Denilson’s strike from about 30 yards out was parried by Hull’s keeper and fell right to Bendtner for the easy tap in.

I have nothing against the Danish striker, I think he has a ton of potential. But he does not deserve all of this ridiculous praise.

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The Hilarious Hilario is injured. I’m not one to wish injury upon anyone, no matter how much I dislike them, but this injury could be a blessing for Chelsea. Not so much in disguise perhaps since Hilario is dreadful. This means Ross Turnbull will make his first league start against West Ham and will probably have to man the net in the 2nd leg against Inter Milan.

Good Luck, Ross! You can’t be any worse than the Hilarious Hilario.

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We all know about Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo and all the other household names that have emerged as the top players in the world. But what about everyone else? There is a ton of talent out there, here is a list of players that aren’t really talked about much but can hold their own with the world’s best:

1. Arjen Robben – when he’s healthy this Dutchman is one of the most lethal wingers in the world.

2. Wesley Sneijder – very underrated midfielder who has done a spectacular job at Inter Milan this season.

3. Gonzalo Higuain – the man responsible for placing the great Raul firmly on the bench.

4. Edin Dzeko – lethal Bosnian striker that should see himself in either the EPL or La Liga soon.

5. Luis Suarez – the Uruguayan striker is currently tearing apart the Eredivisie with 26 goals and 14 assists. It should be interesting seeing him on display in South Africa.

6. Nicklas Bendter – HAHAAHAHA. psyche. get real, Arsenal fans. 1 hat trick does not make him the greatest ever to don an Arsenal kit. wankers.

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Arsenal vs Porto @ The Emirates

1st leg: Porto 2; Arsenal 1

Arsenal will be without Cesc Fabregas but should have enough skill to get past Porto. I expect Arshavin to take the responsibility of creating the offense with Rosicky and Nasri helping him in the midfield. Bendtner had several opportunity’s to find the back of the net agasint Burnley but could not capitilize. Perhaps he was saving his goals for the Champions League?

Bayern Munich vs Fiorentina @ Fiorentina

1st leg: Bayern 2; Fiorentina 1

After a controversial 1st leg victory, Bayern look to put the final nail in the coffin when they visit Fiorentina in the 2nd leg. Fiorentina are in terrible form lately, their last win was Feb 21 vs Livorno. I do not believe they will break their stretch of winless games against Bayern.

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Now it is being reported that Michael Essien could miss the remainder of the season. Not too long ago we were optimistic that Essien would be back for the 2nd leg against Inter Milan but now he might not even return at all.

Another blow for Chelsea after learning that Jose Bosingwa has been set back and will miss the remainder of the season as well.

Chelsea inury list:

Ashley Cole

Jose Bogingwa

Petr Cech

Michael Essien

Yuri Zhirkov

Ricardo Carvalho


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Why does Italy hate him? Sure, he’s cocky, a little careless but come on, he’s still a teenager afterall.

This kid is gold. Not only is he a dangerous striker but he’s got character. He told Cristiano Ronaldo he would be better than him. Last year, after a Champions League match, Balotelli asked Ronaldo for his jersey, but Ronaldo told him he already gave his jersey to someone else. Balotelli replied:

I will become stronger than you

LOL. Never deny Super Mario what he wants. He will hunt you down. Let’s look at some other great quotes by Super Mario.

Mourinho and I quarrel often, but he loves me

I had a cut near my eye. The coach was angry because I did not run back, not because of anything else. Fortunately, we did not concede a goal or else I would have been dead.

Say what you want about this kid, but when he is on the pitch he is dangerous. At only 19 years of age, Balotelli has a bright future ahead of him and one can only hope we get to see him on display this summer in South Africa.

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The Portuguese fullback will need a second knee surgery and will subsequently miss the remainder of the season including the World Cup.

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Yo, Lippi

Call up Balotelli.


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and when he speaks……you must listen.

Gotta feel for Arsenal. Three horrific injuries in 5 years is unheard of. However, I don’t know if I would say Arsenal isn’t protected enough. They have the same protection as every other team out there and no other team has gone through a stretch of horrific injuries such as the sequence Arsnenal has suffered. Cesc, it’s just plain bad luck. Sorry, mate. Does this mean you’re leaving for La Liga?

Best wishes to Aaron Ramsey.

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