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Perhaps it was fitting that The Special One completed his historic treble with Inter Milan at the Santiago Bernabeau. After leading the Nerazzurri to their second straight Scudetto, first Coppa Italia title since 2006 and first Champions League crown in 45 years — making them the first Italian team to complete the treble — Mourinho will bid adieu to Milan and pursue history with Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho will inherit a squad oozing with talent, yearning for discipline and a stronger emphasis on defense; these are things The Special One specializes in. The only question is who from Inter will follow Jose to Madrid? My guess is a handful of players are eager to pack their bags and join their beloved leader. A few notables I believe Mourinho would like to take with him are:

Maicon, Right Back-

Quite possibly the best defender in the world will immediately improve the soft Madrid defense. Maicon is incredibly strong and has the talent to push forward in attack and score some goals. I am 75% sure this move will actually happen and Maicon will join Mourinho. The only thing in the way is Maicon’s contract but there’s always a way around that.

Diego Milito, Striker-

Where would this Inter team be without him? He scored the goal that won them the Scudetto, he scored the winning goal against Roma in the Coppa Italia final and he scored 2 goals against Bayern Munich to secure the Champions League and lock up the treble. He made the Bayern defenders look absolutely silly. Gonzalo Higuain’s future with Real Madrid is in doubt and we could see him transferred. Karim Benzema’s days in Madrid are numbered with Manchester United having a keen eye on him. Therefore, it could make sense for Milito to follow Mourinho to the Bernabeau.

Samuel Eto’o, Striker-

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m only mentioning Eto’o because the thought of him joining Madrid makes me smile from ear-to-ear. After leading Barcelona to a La Liga Championship with 30 goals and a UEFA Champions League title scoring 6 goals, the team decided to send him to Inter Milan, preferring Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s services over his. How awesome would it be to see him at Real Madrid, the arch rivals of the team that took a shit all over his face?


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