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Lead your team. Be an example. Not just on the field but off the field as well.

If you had to briefly explain the role of a captain it would be something along those lines. John Terry lead his team and was a prime example of a hard working footballer on the field. However, he failed to provide a proper example off the field. He slept with a teammates girlfriend, got her pregnant and paid for her to have an abortion. Therefore, he was stripped of his captaincy. Appointed as new captain, via promotion from vice-captain is Rio Ferdinand. That is pretty much the only reason Rio is now captain. Because he was vice-captain, naturally he got appointed to captain. However, this does not mean he is suited to captain the England squad.

Rio Ferdinand is not a model citizen either. He skipped a drug test once and claimed that he had forgotten that he had a drug test and went shopping instead. He was consequently banned for 8 months. More recently, he was seen elbowing Hull City’s Craig Fagan and is now serving a 3 match ban for that. Not exactly a role model. Not to mention the guy barely plays because of a bad back. He has only appeared in 9 matches for Manchester United this season.

Next in line to be captain was Steven Gerrard. Gerrard is a more reasonable option, he does captain Liverpool and has done so for some time and even served as England captain for 4 games. However, he also has his fair share of off the field issues. He beat the shit out of a DJ because he wouldn’t play his song.

So why not Frank Lampard?

He’s squeaky clean and is pretty much the vice-captain of Chelsea. I don’t think there’s a question that he’s a leader and if you dare question his heart then you better get ready to enter a world of pain. The guy is all class and I don’t see why he is not getting more consideration for the role of captain. I think he fits the role perfectly.


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Amid the controversy surrounding the elite defender, Fabio Capello has decided to strip John Terry of his captaincy. John Terry has been captain of England for 3 years, going into his 4th. Reports are that Rio Ferdinand will take over as England captain.

So, what is the controversy surrounding John Terry? If you didn’t know, it has become known that John Terry had an affair with one of his teammates (Wayne Bridge) girlfriend (thought to be ex-girlfriend at the time) and during this affair the woman got pregnant and Terry paid for her to have an abortion.

boom goes the dynamite.

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